Sweet Tea & Cold Showers

That’s the only way to get through. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have AC. Here, however, it was already 88º when I got up this morning.  Inside.

The heat has made me — and the boys — so sloth-like that I was able to read two novels over the long weekend. Can you imagine? I almost felt young again.

Anyway, the novels I read were The Last Time They Met, by Anita Shreve, and Sue Miller’s latest, The Lake Shore Limited. Both really well-written, compelling reads, but I’m so glad I read the Shreve one first. It begins as two poets, old lovers, meet after 24 years at a conference. The story then proceeds backwards, the middle part the second time they met, the third & final part the first time they met, as seniors in high school. I finished it about midnight Saturday, and its ending is a stunner, kept me sleepless for an hour more in outrage and awe.

After that, I really needed another great book to knock my mind from its little hamster wheel of obsession. The new Sue Miller was just the ticket. Flawed, fully-realized, sympathetic characters, dealing with 9/11 (gracefully, delicately, powerfully), grief, ambivalence, the fine balance between art & life, this is a novel that feels lived, alive. Great stuff.

So there you are. If this heat streak keeps up I might actually catch up on all the novels I’ve been wanting to read. Off to the library — and its delectable AC — as soon as it opens — sadly, a few hours away. Halleluiah for electricity and fans, ice and sweet tea.

4 responses to “Sweet Tea & Cold Showers”

  1. Sending heat sympathy. We had our 100+ days for three weeks in June…one lucky thing about being down with the bad back and then the bronchitis…I didn’t feel like doing anything outside. Glad you found a silver lining in the novel reading time.

  2. Melvin Slumberfoot

    Marie, much as I admire your sunny disposition (and I do marvel) I’m tempted to ship you an air conditioner. Anita Shreve be damned. We have the humidity here turned all the way up to Jurassic. I’m trying to read a book on global warming but the ink keeps running off the pages. To quote Icarus, “If these wings of ours work they will make us rich rented. If they melt, we can say it was anthropogenic.” Too many of us blame the weather. I like your way better.

  3. Sandy, the nights have cooled to the 70’s now, so that’s something at least.

    Oy, Mel, I have my glowering moments of irrational rage, but it wouldn’t do to publicize that here, would it?

  4. Heat and books and sweet tea and a library four doors down….it sounds like a wonderful summer! Thanks for sharing the book reviews too!

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