Summer drives

I spent a long weekend at my mum’s with the boys, where they played with their cousins and created an aura of general pandemonium. Driving home last night the two and a half hours was actually wonderful: the day had been beautiful, weather-wise, breezy and dry, and as we drove down the highway towards the setting sun, Aidan slept a carefree sleep and Vincent sang along to this song. Over and over. Which is how he likes it. Whilst wearing his blue goggles against the solar glare. (Try listening to him say the word “goggles” sometime and not have a good day remembering. Just try.)

2 responses to “Summer drives”

  1. Sounds perfect to me. Road trips are some of my very favorite things, but a really great day out with my family is the best, especially if there is someone small singing in the back seat.”

    Today I heard my baby say, “Polka dots” which I imagine is very close to hearing Vincent’s “goggles”–priceless.

  2. Ha, polka dots! I’ll be smiling the rest of the day, thank you, Victoria! 🙂

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