Chain Chain Chain

The poetry world seems both impossibly small and strangely crowded, it can be difficult to get noticed. A few things I must tell you:

  • Rain Taxi has a rave review of the wonderful Andrea Cohen’s book, Long Division (Salmon Poetry). Warren Woessner, who wrote the review, has a fine appreciation for Cohen’s many many gifts as a poet. More people need to read her book. That means you.
  • Not a poet, but Poetry, getting her due! Thanks to The Rumpus, you can join a genuine Poetry Book Club: $20 a month gets you the book, plus an online discussion with The Rumpus book-chooser-of-the-month and the poet!  I’m really excited about this, and hoping 12 of my dearest friends/fans/stalkers will pony up the dues. How about you? But seriously (I am serious. Seriously!), I like the range of titles they review, so chances are good that the books chosen for the club will venture beyond the usual suspects. Join up & keep it going!
  • I don’t usually write about work-stuff here, but I’m exploring the idea of sending a Tupelo poet or two on a virtual book tour. If you’re a blogger interested in participating, let me know at mgauthier [at] tupelopress [dot] org. You can go here to take a gander at our newest releases and see if anything strikes your fancy. I’m biased, of course, but damn, we have some awesome books out. As usual.

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