Gentle Reminders of What Makes the Poetry Blogosphere Such a Great Place to Be:

  • I was lucky enough to take Jeannine Hall Gailey‘s online  manuscript workshop this summer, and I can’t begin to tell you what a rich experience it was. There are plenty of resources, both online & in print, that give you advice on how to sequence a manuscript, but there’s nothing like having a close & intelligent & impartial & generous reader write long paragraphs of comments & constructive criticism about your poetry book-to-be. And there was the great boon of the other students’ readings as well. And the experience of reading others’ MSs with a critical eye, which helped me with my own, too. Jeannine’s offering this workshop again this fall. If you’re working on a manuscript, get thee to Jeannine! Because your MS deserves it.
  • If I’d ever had a writing professor in my life, I’d wish she was at least a little like Emma Bolden: passionate, creative, brilliantly fierce, and very very funny. If you haven’t yet heard the news, now Emma has created The Yawp — which seeks to get poetry out of the classroom and into the world, where it can really do some damage. Participation is not only encouraged, but the point itself. Poet up & spread the word.
  • Speaking of spreading the word, I’ve been so happy folks want to participate in a virtual Tupelo Poets on Parade ( I keep calling it this, because it makes me smile, but it may not be the official tagline. Stay tuned.). I’m still compiling volunteers, so if you want to host a review or interview on your blog, please, speak up! (mgauthier [at] tupelopress [dot] org)

4 responses to “Gentle Reminders of What Makes the Poetry Blogosphere Such a Great Place to Be:”

  1. Wonderful, Marie. And I agree about Emma–she’s a hoot!

  2. Fierce? Brilliantly fierce? Not savage but fierce?

  3. AWWW! Thank you, Marie — and Penny Jar! I appreciate this so very much. So does the Yawpapatomus. 🙂 I cannot thank you enough for spreading the word!!!

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