The Secret Draft, Hunger Mountain edition

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote the post below. Well, I’m thrilled to say that you can now read my “dragonfly tornado” challenge poem, “Pantala flavescens,” over at Hunger Mountain online. And what’s more, after you read the poem, you can read a short interview with me! Be sure to stick around and see what else they have up — the Hunger Mountain team has been a dream to work with, I’m so happy my poem found a home there.

This poem won me a mini-library of new poetry books from my friends, and now this. Forgive me if I’m a little too pleased with myself. It won’t last, I promise.

The Secret Draft. Last week I met with the rest of the Collected Poets Series (CPS) board to begin planning the 2010 readings.  After we’d been at it for about 4 hours, Lance showed up with the boys to check in, and asked if we’d seen the “dragonfly tornado” across the street.  Naturally, we poet/shut-ins had noticed nothing of the kind. And he wasn’t kidding!  This was no small thing — thousands of dragonflies, easy.  It was about twilight, humid warm air, mosqui … Read More


10 responses to “The Secret Draft, Hunger Mountain edition”

  1. very cool!!!! congrats!!

  2. Marie, Enjoyed your poem–especially the ending ; )

    Hope you are doing well–I miss our class : (

  3. Thanks, Carolee!

    Jeff, me too! I grew to depend on that back & forth conversation, the give & take, all too quickly! I’m so glad you come by here — you don’t keep a blog, but please, when you have news, share it with me, I want to celebrate too!

  4. Loved your poem and an interview!

  5. Great poem. Loved the secret embedded within.

  6. Lovely poem (my personal favorite lines: “second strings plucked/mid-air and mouthed, off-key.”) and I enjoyed reading about your process, too. Congrats.

  7. A beautiful poem. Congratulations!

  8. Aw, thanks so much, guys!

  9. You should absolutely be pleased with yourself! Great piece, Marie 🙂

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