Vincent’s beautiful mind

  • Vincent is still telling his Syllabo stories, but they’ve taken on a darker cast: expanding the family even further — “Syllabo has another mother and father, and two sisters…” —  he stopped short…”but actually she only has one sister now. The other one died.” Oh. Let’s not explore that.
  • He fiercely resisted bedtime the other night. Fiercely. Extravagantly. “I can’t go to bed yet, I need a bath! I really need a bath! I’m dirty! I have mushrooms growing between my toes!”
  • When he and my husband returned from a long walk yesterday, Vincent announced excitedly, “Mommy, we saw Daddy’s father! We did, we saw him! Only he’s little right now.” Come again? Oh. He met a little boy with the same name as his late grandfather. Same name ≠ same person.
  • Late-breaking addition: “Vincent, please stop jumping and settle down!” “But I can’t! I’m out of control! My heart’s telling me so!”

6 responses to “Vincent’s beautiful mind”

  1. lololol i’m so glad you write these down.

  2. Yeah, me too. One day when he’s a sullen teen I’ll be able to run a sort on the blog & remind myself how extraordinary he can be…

  3. I LOVE that last comment Marie. I can picture either one of my little guys saying that. Heaven knows I tell them to settle down often enough!

  4. Ha! Too bad they’re too young to appreciate it when I mutter, “Settle down, Beavis!”

  5. Ha ha! Mushrooms between the toes and an out of control heart. Amazing, wonderful minds.

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