The Lovely Marriott Wardman Park

I had a movie moment at 7:07 this morning, running to catch my train that was due to depart at 7:10 am. We New Englanders are accustomed to driving in the snow, but even so, it took a loooong time to drive a not-that-far distance… I’ll leave it at that, we’ve all got our traveling scars this year! I did catch my train, and I made it to DC, and my lovely lovely hotel room. With any luck, I’ll post more pictures tomorrow. Let the wild rumpus begin!

2 responses to “The Lovely Marriott Wardman Park”

  1. When my kids were your kids’ ages, I went away (by myself) for a wedding. The most beautiful sight I had ever seen was my empty, waiting hotel room. For you, poetry to boot. Have a great time!

  2. It was heaven! And nice to have the opportunity to miss my family. 😉 Thanks, Molly!

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