This week at Linebreak

Many of you will already have seen this on Facebook, but for those of you who’ve resisted the FB-lure, I’m happy to tell you that my poem is featured this week at Linebreak. You can read it here, with a terrific audio recording by Randall Mann. I love how he takes his time, savoring the line endings.

One of the other cool features of Linebreak is their weekly e-mailing. How neat to receive my own poem in my email inbox! Feel a little like a rock star at the moment. You can subscribe to get your own copy of each week’s poem sent directly to you by clicking on the link at Linebreak on the right side of every page.

While you’re tooling around Linebreaks website, be sure to check out their archives, which include other rock stars, such as Emma Bolden, Karen Rigby,  Sandy Longhorn, and a whole host of terrific poets. Yes, I am bolstering my own ego via proximity to their eminence.

Thank you, Linebreak!

9 responses to “This week at Linebreak

  1. How absolutely lovely, Marie! Congratulations — I read this over and over!

  2. Marie–That’s wonderful news —congrats!!! Perhaps someday I will have the pleasure of reading one of your poems on the air or on the net—L.Y.S.A.

  3. Sandy Longhorn

    It’s a wonderful poem, Marie. Thanks for the shout out as well.

  4. Most excellent poem, Marie — “…. you quash your panic … just wants a warm bed …”
    and how cool is it to hear it read !

  5. Great poem — and this is coming from a country girl who has a phobia of bats (I don’t know how that happened!)

  6. Cheers to you, Marie! Beautiful poem.

  7. I just discovered this poem, Marie. It’s excellent! I love Linebreak, congratulations.

  8. Thank you all for your support! I’m a big fan of Linebreak, so this was a big thrill for me.

  9. P.S. Karen, receive enough bat visitations (and I don’t know how that happened either!) and eventually you get over your phobia. Worked for us, anyway. 😉

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