For a change — Life!

It’s been a ridiculous year. First my mother died. Then my brother-in-law’s sister. Then my cousin. And three weeks ago, my cat. My cat!

This is not going to be a “Woe is me” petulant post, if you’re worried — but damn.

So, just when you think you just can’t catch a break, life upsets the apple cart, reminding you that you don’t know the first thing about anything. Because, what do you know, I’m pregnant again.

There are things you’re grateful for in and of themselves, but are painful nonetheless. But I’ll leave that for now.

Because today, I heard the new baby’s heartbeat. Which is never less than miraculous. I’m ten weeks along, due May 1, 2012.

I turn 40 on Thursday, which is stunning in itself.

If I was the sort of person comfortable swearing in public, there’d be a whole series of curses throughout this post.

15 responses to “For a change — Life!”

  1. So sorry for all the bad news. But congrats on the good! It does seem that life likes to throw the good and the bad in together like that, keeping us off balance.

  2. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, eh? Congratulations on the impending new addition – may joy outweigh sorrow from here on.

  3. Congratulations, Marie!

  4. Wow! Many congrats on the news. A new heartbeat. Amazing.

    So sorry to hear about your kitty.

  5. Heartbeats … especially new … trump all. I’m sure, as you are too, that your mama would be very proud! Congrats, again, Ms M.

  6. A thousand million congratulations, Marie! Life has a way of reminding us about life … I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through, but so happy for all you have to look forward to.

  7. I can’t believe you’re pregnant again–

    I wish you the very best—believe it or not I’m on a bus right now and the sunset is miraculous
    a Tiepolo sky and a red globe of sun–

  8. Marie, I am so sorry for the great amount of loss you have suffered this year. It is not easy to bear, but I am thrilled to congratulate you and your family on the unexpected bounty of joy and love and adventure you are about to undertake. You have my blessings.

  9. Congratulations on the new baby – and on the birthday! I turned 40 a few months ago. It’s WAY better than the alternative.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about all your losses — but happy for you about the latest news! Congrats

  11. Every child’s a blessing –
    here, now, yours !
    I know your mother must being sending you love, strength and courage.

  12. life! xo

    i understand the cursing and the celebrating. both desires are blessings, or so they tell me!

  13. this is wonderful and exciting! when I see you at AWP, you get a big hug. you have lots of strength my dear.

  14. Here via MomEgg (your poem there is stunning) and wanted to offer good wishes. May all be well with you.

  15. Thanks, everyone — for your good wishes & your good company.

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