Stefanie Marlis.

I adore Stefanie Marlis‘ poems! I’m so happy I chose her book, rife, as my free book from Sarabande. She writes poems I wish I’d written, understated, lyrical, devastating. I suppose if you’ve read this blog with any consistency you’ll know that these are qualities I particularly admire in poems. In any case, I’ve ordered 2 later books, published by Apogee Press, cloudlife and fine, can’t wait for more.

From rife:


Who hasn’t mistaken the tip of a black shoe
for a mouse? A tissue for a rain-soaked rose — a rose
for a toad? And who hasn’t gestured to a stranger
as if to an old friend?
How easy, then, for the world itself to be mistaken.
To grow a tumor instead of a walnut. To take the flesh
of a good man for sugar, for sand, and blow it away.
A small boy stands in the yard on the most beautiful day
of the year, throwing sand up in the air, yelling
I want something to rain down, and his mother saying,
to the son of the good man, We’ll turn on the hose.

Mail, Glorious Mail!

Funny how a crisis robs you of time.  Now it’s Saturday, and I’ve not written another poem, and I am far far behind.  My personal goal is 15 poems for the month, so I have time.  I shan’t give up!

I have to leave for work shortly, but O the Glory of the Mail!  There is nothing that quite rivals the feeling of a bursting mailbox, a mailbox sans bills, a Mailbox of Poetry!  This week has been kind to my mailbox, in particular today.  It has to be a personal record, the amount of great stuff I’ve received:

  1. The Feb. 2008 issue of FOURSQUARE,
  2. bird-book, by Jessica Smith,
  3. May 2008 issue of Poetry,
  4. Free copy of The Sphere of Birds, by Ciaran Berry (from my wonderful sales rep),
  5. Rife, by Stefanie Marlis, my free book from Sarabande,
  6. and lastly, my contributor’s copy of the spring 2008 issue of Iodine Poetry Journal.

All Hail to the Household Gods of Mail!

Grilled Cheese with Bacon & Tomato kind of Night.

No poem today. Not even a revision. Back to work where my inbox was filled with nearly 600 emails and my tangible box was just full. But what a glorious day! 80 degrees! On April 18!

This evening Vincent & Lance went for a walk downtown while I started making the season’s first batch of sweet tea (!), and then Vincent & I went out again because he couldn’t get enough of outside. We ate a lovely dinner of grilled cheeses (Mama’s with bacon & tomato) at the Foxtowne Diner, and then we went to the pharmacy where I thought he’d like to sit on a stool at the fountain and eat a chocolate sundae, but he was more interested in the toys.

I bought a pack of sidewalk chalk in preparation for the poem we’re going to write on the sidewalk. Now we have to choose the poem, and then choose the free book we want from Sarabande. And of course not forget to take a picture.

It was a lovely small town New England night. Tomorrow I work for a bit in the afternoon, so I’m thinking it’s a day for revisions. But I hope to continue with NaPoWriMo on Sunday…