Poetry & Your Friendly Local Cable Show

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Mea culpa! I didn’t mean to disappear for a week, and I wish I could say it was because I was at AWP in Denver with so many from the poetry blogosphere, but alas, I was simply BUSY. I had every intention of updating yesterday, but the project I was hoping to post didn’t work out, and working on that ate up all my blog-time.

That project? Last Friday night I joined my friends Lea Banks and Susie Patlove on a local cable show, “Over the Falls,” hosted by the dapper James Sullivan, in a special program devoted to National Poetry Month and the local poetry scene.  We chatted about the Collected Poets Series, the Third Friday open mic that Susie and the Arms Library run, and the big National Poetry Month event we’re all participating in (with our other poet friends Laura Rodley, Jim Bell, and Tom Yeomans) at our local independent bookstore, Boswell’s Books, this coming Sunday. Then we each read for a few minutes.

It was enormous fun to do, and what’s more, we were each given a DVD of the show before we left! My plan was to share some of it here, but though I can watch it on our DVD player fine, it’s not opening on my iBook. I’ll have to fiddle with it some more and see what I can do.

We don’t actually have cable at home, so without the DVD I wouldn’t have been able to watch the show — though Susie tells me that they get copies in at the library, so patrons can watch them there — and let me tell you, I was bowled over by the production values and talent on display! This is not the local cable channels of my childhood! And it’s almost entirely volunteer-run! They do amazing work.

If you’re looking to get the word out about what’s going on in your local poetry world, by all means, don’t overlook your local cable channels — they’re always looking for show ideas, and I bet you’ll be as impressed as I was by the work they do.

Proof of Our Active Active Lives:

Vincent & Lily & Cinnamon the Horse
Vincent & Lily & Cinnamon the Horse

Last weekend was incredibly full:  fun and hijinks with Galway Kinnell and Cinnamon the Horse within days of each other!  Can you see how frighteningly fearless Vincent is and why I lay awake at night?

The pictures below are of the Collected Poets Series reading with Galway.  Directly below, his grandchildren perform with him.  Then, there’s Lea Banks, CPS’s founder & impresario, with Tim Mayo, poet, previous CPS reader, and committee member.  Finally, there’s me, Lea, and poet Susie Patlove.  All of the pictures were taken by Laura Rodley, who is a wonderful poet in her own right, and whose chapbook is now available for pre-order at Finishing Line Press!  But more on that later…

Galway & Grandkids
Galway & Grandkids
Lea Banks & Tim Mayo
Lea Banks & Tim Mayo
Me & Lea & Susie Patlove
Me & Lea & Susie Patlove

Collected Poets Series.

On Thursday, June 5th, at 7:30pm, poets Chard deNiord, author of three books of poetry including the recent Night Mowing, and Susie Patlove, the author of Quickening, will read from their most recent work at Mocha Maya’s Coffee House, 47 Bridge Street, Shelburne Falls, MA.

Chard deNiord is the author of three books of poetry, Night Mowing (The University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005), Sharp Golden Thorn (Marsh Hawk Press, 2003), and Asleep in the Fire (University of Alabama Press, 1990). His poems have appeared recently in Best American Poetry, American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, The Southern Review and The Iowa Review. His poems “The Tin Path” and “Sharp Golden Thorn” appear in the film “Beautiful Ohio,” starring William Hurt, Rita Wilson, and Juliana Margulies. Chard is an associate professor of English at Providence College and the co-founder of the low residency MFA program in poetry at New England College, where he also served as the program director from 2001 to 2007. He lives in Putney, VT with his wife Liz.

Susie Patlove‘s chapbook, Quickening, came out in 2007 from Slate Roof Press. Her poems have been published in several journals including Marlboro Review and Atlanta Review. Her work was anthologized in Crossing Paths: An Anthology of Poems by Women. Susie lives with her husband in Charlemont, MA at an intentional community founded in the early seventies where they brought up their three sons, and now raise sheep, chickens and vegetables. She took lay Buddhist vows in 1982 and continues to practice. She is the assistant librarian at the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls, MA.


In the background, I can hear the torturous sounds of Barney the Purple Dinosaur singing, made palatable by the accompanying warbles of Vincent. If he weren’t mine, it would still be adorable, I promise you.

10 weeks along, I met with one of the midwives at my ob/gyn’s office today, and got to hear the new baby’s heartbeat. It never fails to awe. And it’s tremendously reassuring, a heartbeat. Until now, you’re going on faith and the mere fact of a bottomless stomach that something’s growing in there. But a heartbeat, that revving shush-shush-shush — well, now it’s real!

And there was only one heartbeat, so we’re probably not having twins — I’m a twin, so that’s always a possibility. Due to my “advanced maternal age” I’m having a first trimester ultrasound next Tuesday, so that’ll give us the final word on that!

[End of pregnancy update.]