Eleanor Wilner.

From the first essay, Eleanor Wilner’s, in Poet’s Work, Poet’s Play:

I should add that metrical, stanzaic form may be a contributing factor but is not sufficient by itself to produce aesthetic distance. I was once at a reading where an accomplished poet read an extremely well-made, metrically impeccable, elegantly and subtly rhymed sonnet whose subject was a graphic, move-by-move description of herself masturbating. Who could help thinking, ‘Honey, we know how it’s done’?”

Poet’s Work, Poet’s Play.

I’m very excited: The University of Michigan Press book of essays, Poet’s Work, Poet’s Play, edited by Daniel Tobin and Pimone Triplett, has been released! I’ve ordered my copy from my bookshop, it should be in around Tuesday. I’ve been hankering for a juicy book of poetry essays to sink into, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

No New York Times for You!

It was one of those odd days when there was not a single New York Times to be found in Western Massachusetts. The Friday crossword puzzle is too difficult for me; we just figure out a clue or two and declare victory. But the Friday edition always has a nice fat arts section, so we’re feeling unmoored without it.


The University of Michigan Press has a new book of essays coming out, Poet’s Work, Poet’s Play,edited by Daniel Tobin and Pimone Triplett, a follow-up to UMP’s Poets Teaching Poets, which is a staple on my bookshelf. The new book is supposed to include essays by Carl Dennis, Eleanor Wilner, and Tony Hoagland (whose Real Sofistikashun was one of the most entertaining & surprisingly cogent book of essays I read last year). But I don’t know when it’s coming out. Originally slated for this past November, it’s still not out, and the website merely says, “Forthcoming.” It may be a collection of reprints of essays I’ve seen here & there in various journals already, I don’t know–I still want it. If anyone knows any inside scoop, please, feel free to share…