Good days are very, very good.

The happy counterpoint of a few posts back... sweet Aidan.
The happy counterpoint to a few posts back… sweet Aidan.

And a sweet week it is! Not only are my mum and sister visiting, and not only did I bake a splendiferous second cake today, but great poetry news abounds:

  • I’m one of the lucky recipients of a 2008 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize! This is a wonderfully generous fund, and I’m in great company — other winners this year include Rhett Iseman Trull (editor of Cave Wall, see below), Brian Brodeur, Ann Hudson, and Alison Pelegrin.
  • Existere has accepted a poem for their spring issue, hooray!
  • You can now get your subscriptions to Cave Wall through their website! I mention this now because not only is it a great journal, but I have 2 poems in the Winter/Spring 2009 issue, coming soon.

“Sleep” is still on my list of Unfulfilled Dreams, but you won’t hear me complaining…

Chocolate Cake, Take 2
Chocolate Cake, Take 2

16 responses to “Good days are very, very good.”

  1. woot!!! I’m thrilled for you, just thrilled.

  2. I was referring to Aidan, but the cake is cute too.

  3. Wow, Lily, you really are keeping up — thank you! It is pretty darned thrilling!

    Thank you, Sara — though I think Eli is the resident perfect baby model — whatta smile he has!

  4. Congrats! You’re on fire Lady!

  5. Aidan looks just like Vincent! He’s so cute!
    And that cake looks gooooooooddd… mmmm chocolate + chocolate=best cake ever!

  6. Marianne, thank you! — but I still pine for your créme de chocolat! It’s not too late for you to have cake if you come visit within the next day or so..

  7. I’m a little late to the party, but — congratulations!!

  8. Thanks, Anne! I hope you’re having a grand time at AWP!

  9. Congrats Marie! They’re all eating cake and you’re still keeping your head. Saw your poems at AWP. Looking good!

  10. Thanks, Kevin — I’m so jealous you went to AWP!

  11. mmm, cake! I was up in Amherst today….sniff.

  12. Congratulations on the good news. And on the beautiful baby and the beautiful cake!

  13. I can’t imagine who there is for you to see in Amherst, Roland, if not me!

    Karin, thank you! Yes, much is beautiful at the moment.

  14. I was passing through and had lunch in town. Good pizza y’know.

  15. Oh how I miss my avocado quesadilla slice — thanks for rubbing it in!

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