The Big Poetry Giveaway 2012 — The Results

I’m later than I intended, but I’m sure you understand. But here at last are the results of my contribution to Kelli Russell Agodon‘s Big Poetry Giveaway. I chose the winners using the Random Number Generator. Last year I posted pictures of each result, but I don’t have time for such fussiness this year, so I hope you’ll just trust me.

To recap, this year’s prizes include a chapbook and 4 journal subscriptions (1 year each). The winners are:

Thanks so much to everyone who threw their names in the ring! I’ll contact the winners shortly for their addresses. New blog post coming soon, but in the meantime…

Georgia Revello Gauthier, born April 30, 2012.

The Big Poetry Giveaway 2012!

Tomorrow is April 1, the first day of National Poetry Month, which means it’s once again time for the Big Poetry Giveaway, a blog event created and organized by Kelli Russell Agodon where poets and poetry lovers giveaway two books of poems on their blog. Please visit her blog to get the full list of participants.

To play, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Usually, I then choose the winners, using the Random Number Generator, on May 1, but since I’ll be in hospital with the new baby then, I probably won’t have the chance to post the winners until around May 7.

This year’s prizes include a chapbook and 4 journal subscriptions (1 year each):

Let the games begin!


I forgot the “about me” segment… Since I began this blog 4 years ago, my life has gone through seismic changes. From running a wonderful indie bookstore to working for my favorite small press, babies (babies! Me!) (and still another to come!), and last year the loss of my mother, my grief over which has rather taken over the world since. I keep no hard and fast rules regarding what I write about here, except that I tend not to mention my husband too much because he’s not comfortable with that. I have a chapbook, but it’s not part of the giveaway because I don’t have any copies. I’ll amend that one of these days — I think my local indie down the road still has a couple. I’m selectively submitting my full-length manuscript to a few very particular presses and contests, so knock wood that I’ll hear good news on that front one fine day. If you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask me, feel free to include that with your comment entry below!

Poetry Blessings

Since I’m woefully behind, the new year seems like a good time to catch up and clean the slate and acknowledge all the wonderful publications that have been printing and showcasing my poems this fall. My sincere thanks to them. They all do great work, and I’m so honored to be in such terrific company.

(In case you were wondering, though the poem-writing has been scant, I have been reading. Many many books have I been reading. So many. My next post will attempt to detail it all for you, and you will see I haven’t been altogether lazy.)

  • Connotation Press: An Online Artifact is one of the most interesting and varied online journals around, and their cast of poetry editors is stellar. They were kind enough to publish some of my poems in their October issue. You can read them here.
  • Cave Wall, which the world knows I love, included me in its summer/fall 2011 issue. Other contributors include Keetje Kuipers, Sally Rosen Kindred, Rodney Jones, Amy M. Clark, and Charles Harper Webb.
  • The Common, a beautiful new print journal out of Amherst College, published a poem in their second issue, which debuted this fall. Other contributors include Susan Kinsolving, Major Jackson, Daniel Tobin, Nathaniel Perry, and Tom Sleigh.
  • Salamander, which chose the first poem I wrote after my mom’s death for its winter 2011/2012 issue, is out now. Other contributors include Frannie Lindsay, Roland Pease, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Sarah Chace, and Andrea Scarpino.
  • The new issue of Crab Creek Review, with my poem, “Dispatch from the Sick-House,” arrived at my door just today. Other contributors include Kathleen Kirk, Nin Andrews, Joseph O. Legaspi, Anne Barngrover, and Karina Borowicz. I had a time getting it away from Aidan, who was fascinated by the gorgeous cover art!
  • And lastly, but by no means least, Susan Jo Russell’s review of my chapbook, Hunger All Inside, is the featured review for the next two weeks over at the Fiddler Crab Review! The fact of the review was itself a lovely surprise, but even more wonderful is what she has to say. Many thanks to Susan Jo and Fiddler Crab Review.

Brief PSA: WEAVE 03 is here.

I’m taking advantage of Aidan’s nap & Lance’s bringing Vincent to the fuel assistance office to get a start on a new poem, but I took a break to open my mail, making an extension of my break necessary: my contributor’s copy (& subscriber’s copy) of Weave Magazine arrived today, and it is simply stunning. I am thrilled to be included in the new issue among a bevy of great work, the vibrant cover art not the least of it!  You can see the stellar list of contributors on Weave’s website, and order your own copy while you’re there, or better yet, for a mere $14, subscribe!

And while I’m banging the drum in support of poetry journals (again), don’t forget Cave Wall. Editor Rhett Iseman Trull (whose own prize-winning book of poems, The Real Warnings, was just released this fall) continues to put out a fresh & remarkable journal twice a year. Go to Cave Wall’s website to check out the contents of its latest issue, and tell me you’re not impressed.

And truly, subscribing to poetry journals is so cheap! Coming from me, that’s saying something.  Best of all is that frisson of excitement when those little poetry packages arrive in your mailbox! If you love a journal, support it. This is not a test.

The Lure of Poetry Journals. necessity has taken a ginormous bite out of my book budget, but one of the best ways to keep up, and still support the poetry community, is through subscriptions.  They’re inexpensive, and give me yet another reason to love my mail carrier.  For less than your monthly phone bill you can subscribe to at least 4 literary journals.  My subscriptions consist of all poetry journals, because, and I apologize to my fiction-writing friends — I will buy any issue you appear in, I promise! — I don’t read much short fiction, however optimistically I begin.  And I hate waste.  Hence my meager funds are devoted to my heart’s insatiable desire for poems:

To that list I will periodically add more journals, including American Poetry Journal, which just accepted 2 poems, hooray!  Any recommendations?

Good days are very, very good.

The happy counterpoint of a few posts back... sweet Aidan.
The happy counterpoint to a few posts back... sweet Aidan.

And a sweet week it is! Not only are my mum and sister visiting, and not only did I bake a splendiferous second cake today, but great poetry news abounds:

  • I’m one of the lucky recipients of a 2008 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize! This is a wonderfully generous fund, and I’m in great company — other winners this year include Rhett Iseman Trull (editor of Cave Wall, see below), Brian Brodeur, Ann Hudson, and Alison Pelegrin.
  • Existere has accepted a poem for their spring issue, hooray!
  • You can now get your subscriptions to Cave Wall through their website! I mention this now because not only is it a great journal, but I have 2 poems in the Winter/Spring 2009 issue, coming soon.

“Sleep” is still on my list of Unfulfilled Dreams, but you won’t hear me complaining…

Chocolate Cake, Take 2
Chocolate Cake, Take 2

Cave Wall Redux.

I might be spending every day with my hands in the guts of the computers at work as thunderstorms continue to wreak havoc on our network, but otherwise I’m having a great week!

I received notification today that Cave Wall has accepted 2 poems for issue 5, Winter/Spring 2009 — hurrah! I love this poetry journal, so while any acceptance is cause for a gleeful (temporary) ego-trip, this is especially thrilling for me — hurrah! hurrah!

The editor, Rhett Iseman Trull, is also a wonderful poet, and was selected this year to be in the anthology Best New Poets 2008.

Support Cave Wall — subscribe today!

Cave Wall 2.

I did at last receive my rejection from Cave Wall (, and I have to say, if I weren’t already happily married with child etc, I would totally fall in love with the editor. Seriously. That was the single greatest rejection ever! — loaded with comments & praise — subscribe now, Rhett (the editor) is awesome, she deserves beaucoup rewards for such generosity! And as I mentioned earlier, it’s an excellent journal, too.

I won’t go so far as to say a great rejection is better than an acceptance, but I’ll be carrying this envelope around with me for a while.

Cave Wall.

The Winter/Spring 2008 issue of  Cave Wall ( arrived in my mailbox today.  This issue’s contributors include Charles Harper Webb, Tracy K. Smith, James Harms, and Jennifer Grotz, and art by Hector Ruiz.  I really like this new poetry journal (this is their 3rd issue), it’s one of the many I subscribe to.  The poems are accessible and absorbing, and I often find myself finishing a poem only to go right back to the beginning again.  From the beginning of Jennifer Grotz’s “The Tulips”:   How individual they become when they die:/ I love the vase of tulips most then./ Each one relinquishes modesty and withers/ into its last expression.

And Cave Wall is cheap, only $5 per issue!   Yes, I like them very much.  I’m awaiting my rejection from them even so.