The Lure of Poetry Journals. necessity has taken a ginormous bite out of my book budget, but one of the best ways to keep up, and still support the poetry community, is through subscriptions.  They’re inexpensive, and give me yet another reason to love my mail carrier.  For less than your monthly phone bill you can subscribe to at least 4 literary journals.  My subscriptions consist of all poetry journals, because, and I apologize to my fiction-writing friends — I will buy any issue you appear in, I promise! — I don’t read much short fiction, however optimistically I begin.  And I hate waste.  Hence my meager funds are devoted to my heart’s insatiable desire for poems:

To that list I will periodically add more journals, including American Poetry Journal, which just accepted 2 poems, hooray!  Any recommendations?

11 responses to “The Lure of Poetry Journals.”

  1. Congratulations!
    So, for those of us with very, very small budgets, which 2 of the above would you recommend, if you could only choose 2?

  2. I see we have similar tastes! You might also like Rattle, The Columbia Poetry Review, The Evansville Review, MAR, Crab Orchard Review, Barn Owl Review and Indiana Review…of course I’m biased, but I also really like Crab Creek Review (those new editors have really turned it around 😉

  3. Congrats on the acceptance! This is a great list. I’d add New England Review. Not exclusively poetry, but everything in it is great. Plus, NER needs help–Middlebury College is threatening to pull its funding. (In the interest of full disclosure, yes I am a reader for NER–but I’ve loved it since long before I was affiliated with it!)

    All small print journals need our help right now–this is such a hard time for literary publishing on any scale.

  4. Oy, Danielle! Only 2? 🙂 Hmmm. Cave Wall and Redactions or FIELD, maybe? I like to get some poetry criticism/essays along with my poems, & the last two have that.

    LOL Jeannine — I forgot a couple I already have subscriptions to: Rattle! & Parnassus. And seeing as I’ve read your poems in a few of these, yes, we def. have similar tastes! Columbia Poetry Review is one I was thinking of trying next.s

    Thank you, Karin. NER is one of the journals I used to buy regularly, it’s a great journal, and beautiful, too! I’ve been really annoyed at Middlebury College since I heard the news.

  5. Hi Marie,

    Yes, only 2–for now. I have a tendency to bite off a little more than I can chew so I’ll start with just a smidge. Big Oy 😉

    Yes, I’d like the essays as well, so these two may be best for me. Thanks for your advice:)

  6. Any time — let me know how it goes… 🙂

  7. It’s lovely to hear about your recent acceptances! Yay. I subscribe only to Poetry, which is lame, and I now feel challenged to do something about that.

  8. I forgot — I subscribe to Bateau too! Reminded by the copy that just came in the mail. Thank you, Lily — I’m actually having a great week in that regard — luckily we’re sick & miserable here, so there’s no opportunity to get too full of myself. I’m surprised you don’t subscribe to more, actually, and surprised that the one you do subscribe to is Poetry. Now I feel challenged to add a journal with fiction…like NER!

  9. I’ve recently guilted myself into subscribing to more journals as, I realized, I could purchase one less Diet Coke a day and probably be able to afford about seventy more journals. I’m so glad to hear that APJ took two of your gorgeous, gorgeous poems — HOORAY! The world needs more Marie.

  10. When you think about it, it’s crazy how cheap subscriptions to literary journals are! I’m a little dazzled by how many I do have, now that I’ve stopped to count, actually… lotsa reading to do. And thank you, dear Emma — you’ve been an endless source of support to me, and I dearly dearly appreciate it.

  11. Thanks for the tip of the hat, Marie …

    Don @ Lilliput Review / Issa’s Untidy Hut

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