Brief PSA: WEAVE 03 is here.

I’m taking advantage of Aidan’s nap & Lance’s bringing Vincent to the fuel assistance office to get a start on a new poem, but I took a break to open my mail, making an extension of my break necessary: my contributor’s copy (& subscriber’s copy) of Weave Magazine arrived today, and it is simply stunning. I am thrilled to be included in the new issue among a bevy of great work, the vibrant cover art not the least of it!  You can see the stellar list of contributors on Weave’s website, and order your own copy while you’re there, or better yet, for a mere $14, subscribe!

And while I’m banging the drum in support of poetry journals (again), don’t forget Cave Wall. Editor Rhett Iseman Trull (whose own prize-winning book of poems, The Real Warnings, was just released this fall) continues to put out a fresh & remarkable journal twice a year. Go to Cave Wall’s website to check out the contents of its latest issue, and tell me you’re not impressed.

And truly, subscribing to poetry journals is so cheap! Coming from me, that’s saying something.  Best of all is that frisson of excitement when those little poetry packages arrive in your mailbox! If you love a journal, support it. This is not a test.

4 responses to “Brief PSA: WEAVE 03 is here.”

  1. I like Cave Wall’s work, but twice I’ve submitted to them, and they never responded to me, even though I sent SASEs.

  2. Wow, JC, that is totally uncharacteristic of them. Generally they respond w/in 4 months or so, & many times Rhett gives feedback as well! I don’t know, I’m beginning to think your mail carrier has it in for you! 😉 (Just kidding! Any word on my chap yet?)

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